As someone who has been active in various industries in management positions for more than 25 years, I perfectly understand the challenges, obstacles and situations they are facing on a daily bases. I have gained special experience in connection with international companies and multicultural environments.

My knowledge is based on personal experience as CEO and CFO of internationally active companies. I understand managers and entrepreneurs. I know what you are confronted with.

I support first time managers in facing their new challenges, together with experienced and senior managers I find creative and better ways to achieve their results and help entrepreneurs to be more successful.

As a successful, internationally active headhunter, I advise clients on career opportunities, job changes and the selection process.

Here are examples of my coaching services:

Coaching for managers

Face-to-face sessions, via telephone or online. Specification of the overall goal and intermediate goals. Dedicated cooperation during the sessions and “homework” inbetween the sessions. ICF coaching, counseling and one-on-one trainings. Life and work balance, stress management, time management, emotions management, focus and discipline, improving relationships, etc.

Group coaching

Coaching for teams in companies. A financially advantageous way to improve team spirit, collective motivation and improve communication within the team. In a relatively short period of time, teams can significantly improve their performance in this way.

Career counseling

As a successful headhunter, I advise clients on writing CVs, conducting job interviews and other selection methods, such as assessment and various intelligence and ability tests. I am very successful in preparing candidates for interviews regarding specific positions.

I also assist clients in salary negotiations, salary increases and promotions within companies.

Business consulting

Development of business models and business plans. Analysis of marketing strategy, branding and market positioning. Changing perspectives, developing new products and services and other innovative ideas and solutions.

Coaching for business women

I successfully help business women how to break through in a patriarchal environment. The goal is not to start behaving like “men”, but to rediscover the authentic wisdom and strength of the right half of the brain to overcome obstacles and discrimination.

We agree on the goals, develop success strategies, I support, you score!

How do I conduct my coaching sessions?

Relaxed and laid back. We drink lots of tea.

When starting to work together, we agree on the overall themes and goals, the length of the cooperation and the frequency of the sessions. At the beginning of the session, we determine the goal of this particular session and at the end we check if we have achieved it. Inbetween the sessions we specify action steps.

If necessary, we conduct relaxation and anti-stress exercises. They help coaching clients to become present both in mind and body and and be able to focus fully on the coaching conversation.

Which methodologies and tools am I using?

That depends on the client, the individual situation and the topic in question. Here are some methodologies and tools I am frequently using:

  • ICF coaching
  • Counseling
  • Skills and competencies traning
  • Mental techniques
  • Introspection

Knowledge and experience exchange

  • I have coaching locations in Vienna, Austria and Belgrade, Serbia.
  • Both locations are in the wider city center area and easy to reach both by car and public transport.
  • The sessions last around 60 minutes, if necessary, they can last longer.
  • Coaching dates and times are completely flexible. We can arrange the sessions in the morning, during the day, in the evening or at night.
  • We can have face-to-face sessions, use the telephone or any other remote communication tool.

Arrange for a trial coaching session.

Dejan Simic, HR Consulting, Executive Search, Trainings, Coaching

1020 Vienna, Austria