We have many years of experience in the management of complex international HR projects. We are particularly specialized in the following services:



On behalf of our clients we are looking for highly specialized professionals, middle and top level managers, general directors and board members.

We cover a broad range of industries, for example finance, FMCG, telecommunications and IT. We are especially focused on production, particularly automotive industry.


We have set up an efficient executive search procedure, which consists of three phases and 7 levels of activities. We pay special attention to drawing up an elaborate kandidate profile and selecting appropriate evaluation methods. Besides, we look for people who will fit not only your professional profile, but also are able to adapt to the the company culture and “the way you do things”.

Visible evidence that we have chosen the right methods is the fact that we had no activated placement guarantee in the last 7 years.

And we do not give up until we have chosen the right candidate.



We are specialized in tailor made corporate trainings, which deliver measurable and tangible results.
Prior to the training we specify relevant indicators and KPIs, which are supposed to change as a result of the training. We also get acquainted with the company, the market situation, the participants of the training and their needs.
After we have gathered all these facts and informations and cleared up the overall situation, we start designing and writing the training.

Each of our trainings is unique and strictly tailor made to the requirements of our customers. We adapt the content and the presentation methods of the training to the education and needs of the participants, ranging from blue colour workers in the factory to board members in top 500 companies.
Our trainings are very interactive! With discussions, questions, groups and individual exercises we keep the participants focused and at the same time put into practice the content in question.
The main purpose of our trainings and development activities is putting into practice the obtained content. Theory is kept to a minimum. Most of the time we spend discussing everyday business situations, case studies and practical challenges with which participants are frequently facing. In group, invidual exercises and discussions we are looking for innovative solutions and test them immediately in role plays. 
The overall goal of all our development activities is the sustainable and long-term change of perspective and behaviour. We also teach skills and provide knowledge, but nevertheless we consider a change in perspective and the way we think the most important factors of long-term change.


Dejan Simić, certified International Coaching Federation Coach
My knowledge of business matters is based on many years of experience as a CEO and CFO in large international companies. The last 15 years I have been active as an self-imployed business consultant and perfectly understand the challenges and situations managers and business owners are facing on a daily basis. I know what is required of them, how they think and which lanugage they speak.

I have special experience in working with clients employed in multinational companies and being active in multicultural environments.

I support new managers in overcoming personal and professional challenges, help senior managers to find efficient solutions for specific life situations and assist entrepreneurs in finding creative solutions, making plans, drafting strategies and putting them into practice.  

As an internationally active and successful headhunter, I advise clients in connection with career planning, change of employers, professional reorientation, job interviews and selection processes.

Some of my coaching topics are listed here:

Executive Coaching

Online or in personal meetings. We define overall coaching goals. Dedicated work in the coaching sessions, combined with “homework” inbetween the sessions. Consulting, trainings and classic ICF coaching. Life and work balance, strass and emotional management, focus, self-motivation and motivating others, relationships with colleagues, superiors, etc.

Group coaching  

Team coaching in companies. Convenient and inexpensive way of establishing team spirit, increase motivation and improve communication within the team. In this way teams can in a relatively short period of time considerably increase their performance.  

Career councelling

As a successful and internationally active headhunter, I help clients writing CVs, pass job interviews, aptitude tests and other selection procedures. I prepare clients very successfully for a broad variety of job profiles.

I also advise clients on salary negotiations, pay rise negotiations and corporate promotion. 

Business consulting

Development of business models and business plans. Analysis of marketing and branding strategies and market positioning. Change of perspective, new product and service development and development of other creative and innovative solutions.

Business women coaching

I support business women in their endeavours to prevail male dominated industries. My opinion is that women do not have to become „tough businessmen“, but they should rather rely on their traditional strengths of the right side of the brain in order to fight discrimination and overcome obstacles.

How would I define coaching: I support people in reaching their goals.


Beside the already mentioned services, we also offer a broad variety of other HR services:

  • Analysis of personnel fluctuation and excessive sick leave

  • Executive assessment, competence analysis, assessment centers  

  • Talent evaluation, assessment of junior managers  

  • 360 degree feedback

  • Company surveys, employee satisfaction analysis, company culture analysis

  • Organization of assessment centers  

Dejan Simić

Executive Search, Corporate Training, Business Coaching



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